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“I just finished an amazing piece with Martin here that took about two hours and I’m in love.”


“Josh Frye rocks! He took an idea and turned it into a one of a kind masterpiece!!! Thank you so much Josh!!!”


“I’ve had countless people compliment my tattoos over the years and I owe it all to these guys. If you want a tattoo, this is the place to be.”


“The entire staff is extremely friendly and made me feel comfortable and welcome. I recommend them before anyone else.”


“This was my 1st tattoo. In January I will be in remission for cancer for 5 years. My mother and grandmother both died from this horrific disease. I wanted to make a statement about hope for a cure. The staff were very courteous and compassionate. I will always be proud to show my tattoo.”


“Very cool tattoo studio. Everyone in the shop is super chill. I’m stoked on my chest piece that Canada is working on. Probably one more session to go, then it’s on to the next piece… I’ll definitely be back. If you’re in the area, I highly recommend stopping in and checking this place out.”


“I went to Trilogy for a piercing, their shop is really clean and professional, the staff was knowledgeable and friendly, and they have great prices for great work. All around excellent experience here!”


“I refuse to go anywhere else ! I personally use Clay as my artist, however I’ve seen some of the others work and WOW ! They’re all great! The shop is very clean, the staff is amazing, and the work done there is even more amazing.”


“I just finished my half sleeve with John at trilogy and it was an Amazon experience! The work that john did was above and beyond what I ever could have expected! The owner and all the staff make you feel so welcome! I highly recommend getting a tattoo here and John is the best I’ve ever worked with!”