Dave Lukeson

Dave Lukeson is an award-winning tattooist with over 250 national awards who started Trinity Tattoo Co. in 2010 as a better alternative, not only for his customers but also his fellow tattooers. He has been in the business for 20+ years and has seen the evolution of tattooing. With his ambition and creativity (and the help of his right hand woman, his wife Melissa Lukeson) he launched a second studio. With a personality of its own, Trilogy Tattoo Co. has quickly made a name for itself since it became the first tattoo studio to open in Lynnhaven Mall in the fall of 2013. 

 "This concept...this idea...that is Trinity Tattoo Co. is a good example of where tattooing is going." 

Offering all the creature comforts that our customers demand or look for, while at the same time holding true to our roots, which is, that we are a tattoo studio. We do good tattoos at a fair price. How you interpret that is entirely up to you. Please let us know how we do...