Artists from Trinity Tattoo and Trilogy Tattoo came together to bring you...

The collective tattoo & body piercing

The Collective Tattoo & Body Piercing studio is a “hive” of like minded artists that offers a unique experience unlike anywhere else. We have some of the best tattoo artists in the Hampton Roads area under one roof.

Our beautiful 5,000 square foot studio offers tattoos, body piercing, permanent cosmetics and tattoo removal. Our mission is to meet and exceed every clients expectations on every visit. For your comfort and privacy, we have a designated consultation area for clients and artists to sit down and discuss your next tattoo project or service.

The Collective maintains a friendly, fair, creative and positive environment, which respects diversity, ideas and hard work. We provide a clean and safe environment for everyone, tattooed and non~tattooed customers a like. A place where everyone feels welcome and we can cater to your individual needs.